Products & Services

Crop Nutrients

We carry a large range of high-quality products to cover all of your operation’s needs. We utilize a wide variety of sources to obtain a large array of products from dry fertilizer to anhydrous ammonia and liquid fertilizer. We also carry specialty crop nutrients including MicroessentialsSZ and CHS Aventine™ Complete.  With our 24,000-ton Megaplant, along with our many satellite facilities, we are able to keep a substantial amount of product on site to keep you going during the busy planting season.

Crop Protection Products

We source a wide variety of products for all your crop protection product application needs. Our team will work with you through the entire season from seed treatment to fall burndown.

Custom Application

Our application team is backed by many years of experience, which makes them one of our most valuable assets. When you pair them with our fleet of application equipment featuring the latest technology, including variable rate application, you get a team that is second-to-none.

Precision Ag

We offer the latest Precision Ag technology to create management zones in your fields according to your soil structure and productivity. We also offer variable rate application and yield map clean up.

Soil Testing

We offer this very valuable service so you know exactly what your levels of nutrients are in your soil, as well as your productivity index. We have the ability to take conventional samples and also GPS zone samples to get you pinpoint accuracy.

Tissue Sampling

In effort to monitor nutrient levels in plants we are able to perform tissue sampling at different growth stages to see if nutrient supplementation is necessary.

Farm Delivery

We understand that every minute counts during the spring-time crunch. That is why we have the equipment and the team to bring product right to your field so no time is lost running to town for a refill.

Crop Consulting

You have enough to worry about and take care of during the growing season. Let our dedicated staff monitor your fields and give you recommendations throughout the growing season with our crop consulting

Crop Input Financing

Our financing program offers low interest rates for inputs needed to keep your operation running.  Financing with us is very convenient as it allows you to free up working capital as well as choose which year the expenses fall under.

Custom Seed Cleaning

We boast one of the largest certified cleaning facilities in the state.  Our leadership in promoting certified seed in the region is proof of the quality genetics we supply to our growers.  Three lines of cleaning equipment ensure we can service most of the seed commodities our growers depend on every spring and fall.  Our long-standing tradition of supplying the highest quality seed products is our priority year in and year out.